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Research quantifies effects of Paraquat drift on rice

By Bonnie Coblentz MSU Extension Service STONEVILLE, Miss. — Researchers are learning how to manage rice fields when paraquat drifts onto them early and late ... Read more

2 days ago by Staff Reports.

Quinn Minute – Impressive jobs

Quinn Minute – Impressive jobs by Rix Quinn      Whenever I’m at a business event, somebody brings up lousy jobs he had as a kid. ... Read more

3 days ago by Special to.

Safety awareness encouraged as fatal fire count remains elevated

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is calling on all Louisiana citizens to increase fire safety awareness and fire escape planning in and around their homes ... Read more

4 days ago by Special to.

As Summer Reading program winds down, new programs are on the horizon

The Summer Reading Program is coming to an end for St. John the Baptist Parish Libraries. This upcoming week, each library branch will be hosting ... Read more

4 days ago by Special to.

Not knowing Medicare rules costs Americans millions

Toni: In 2019, we sold our house to move into a senior community. Now, both of our Part B premiums have increased drastically in 2021 ... Read more

4 days ago by Special to.

When we pray, God knows our heart

I’ll never forget when my son, Matt, (now 60) was 5 years old and had trouble staying in his bed all night.  Almost every night, ... Read more

7 days ago by Harold Keller.

Medicare tips for Baby Boomers

Toni: I am a confused Baby Boomer who needs to make my Medicare decision in November when I turn 65.  I do not know where ... Read more

7 days ago by Special to.

Glowing report on fireflies

What, exactly, makes fireflies so appealing? A guy once told me he figured fireflies and mosquitoes work together. When folks are trying to chase elusive ... Read more

7 days ago by Special to.

Don’t forget the main part

Every summer I’m visited by a scene from the past when my daughter Victoria was 5 years old. Having taught her to swim the year ... Read more

7 days ago by Ronny Michel.

Cool down & eat healthy

Someone once said that it didn’t get officially hot in Louisiana until the temperature broke 100 degrees. Ninety-nine degrees was still in the “warm” zone. ... Read more

7 days ago by Special to.

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