Men are Vital

Published 11:12 am Friday, February 2, 2024

By Yolanda Fleming Williams

Hey, I forgot to tell y’all:

We need men to remain STRONG!!!

As a young girl, can remember my dad being a very strong presence in the house. You felt him when he was there, and you also knew when he was not in the home. Most of the time I, was you know not overly glad he was out of the house but, glad., sorry dad that was back then not now.

But my dad’s presence came with authority and honor, when he was in the house, he brought order and respect and he reign in the home as ruler he also showed genuine dedication to his purpose of being a husband and father.

A wonderful example for me and my siblings.  Growing up I didn’t understand why he had me doing this or doing that.  Now, as an adult I can understand why he did what he did and how he instructed me to do certain things the way he said to do.

I was telling someone the other day as a child, I never knew how important it was to appreciate the assignment a man has a husband and father outside of being a provider, he’s a motivator, a disciplinary, and a protector, he also enlightens the home with vision for the future of the family.

That’s what a STRONG MAN ACHIEVES!!!

Now that is a huge assignment in my opinion. So don’t take for granted a strong man, encourage him because so much depends on him being a success in his purpose and in the home.

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