Letter to the Editor: Gubernatorial candidates – Is your plan to govern the whole Louisiana or a few?

Published 7:54 am Saturday, September 9, 2023

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Like the LLBC, for decades, the Urban League of Louisiana has been a strong advocate for Black and underrepresented communities throughout Louisiana and America.

So, as a host to Louisiana’s first gubernatorial debate, it is disappointing for any gubernatorial candidate to formally dismiss their participation in the debate simply because of the work the Urban League of Louisiana has proudly exhibited in their advocacy for the underrepresented, said State Representative Vincent J. Pierre, outgoing Chairman for the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus (LLBC).

Chairman Pierre goes on to say, “While some may try to say otherwise, the role of governor DOES NOT represent just a few, it is a position that is representative of all who make Louisiana the unique melting pot that it is.

The people of Louisiana deserve accountability from any candidate that is vying for the top position to lead our great state. Our entire membership of 37 elected legislators feel that true leadership shows up and embraces accountability; It faces the tough questions; It’s not left. It’s not right. It is leadership and service showing governance for all on a sturdy display.

Louisiana, take note of the accountability, and lack thereof, and, who is being dismissed as not important enough to engage in adult conversation on issues that will affect all of us, on display at next week’s debate. Louisiana deserves the best and sitting out the first debate because you disagree with some policies a group advocate for is very telling.

Legislative Black Caucus

Chairman: Representative Vincent J. Pierre

Executive Director: Cynthia Buggage