Small bites

Published 10:30 am Sunday, August 27, 2023

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Leopard vs baboon

Who do you think would come out the winner in a leopard vs baboon fight? The experts say that if the leopard is big enough and the baboon is alone the cat has a good chance of killing and eating the baboon. But baboons are social creatures that travel in herds. So, when a hungry leopard came across a herd of some 50 baboons in the Kruger National Park in South Africa recently it took the chance of isolating one of them. A visitor, Ricky da Fonseca, saw the whole thing and reports that the baboons “attacked as a troop.  This threw the leopard off and they capitalized, surrounding it, screaming, and biting at it.  They showed no mercy at all.” Luckily With a few bruises and cuts on his body, the leopard ran off.  Surely his ego was more hurt than his body.”





Tina Kahlig of Hill Country Village, TX saw an unusual critter in her neighborhood. She wasted no time in getting her camera and snapping a picture. She posted the photo on a local Internet website, asking neighbors “what is that?” So far, visitors to the website have not been able to identify it, although a few respondents suggested that it might be a legendary chupacabra. Even experts have been unable to pin it down. However, they have suggested that it might just be a very mangy dog that was wandering in her neighborhood.





A 13-year-old cat in Missouri that goes by the name of Kit Kat has broken a Guinness World Record for its jump-roping skills, skipping nine times in 60 seconds. No, Kit Kat didn’t do it all by himself, his owner Trisha Seifried handled the rope. Who said that you can’t teach a cat new tricks? In fact, Ms. Seifried says “by 6 months old Kit Kat was jumping rope in front of huge crowds of people, helping to bust myths that cats can’t be trained.”



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