Quinn Minute – Proper attire is important

Published 8:30 am Sunday, August 27, 2023

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by Rix Quinn

     A well-dressed person can go a long way in life. A naked person can’t go nearly as far…especially in snow.

     That’s because the right garment selection can (1) impress others, (2) display your sense of style and taste,  (3) make others think you know lots more than you do.

     Would you borrow money from a bank officer dressed like a clown? (Personally, I would borrow from anyone.) But most folks would avoid both a banker clown, or funny money.

     When I board a plane, I expect the pilot to wear a captain’s hat, uniform, and tie, and to display her wings above the jacket’s pocket.

     However, I will leave immediately if her wings are shoulder-mounted, or if they flap spontaneously.

     Because many uniforms are historically traditional, professionals should never exchange them. A chef’s hat looks great in a fine restaurant, but you don’t want to see it on a funeral director.

     Nor would you likely share theological thoughts with a preacher dressed as a pirate.

     The older you get, the more you appreciate individual fashion. Sometimes I dress as a referee, so I can call penalties on everybody I see.

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