Quinn Minute – First dates

Published 8:30 am Sunday, July 30, 2023

by Rix Quinn

     A young neighbor just asked me if I remembered dating.

     I have been married for years, but I recall the excitement of first dates. I had many of them, because few ladies went out with me a second time.

     I suggested choosing a good dinner location, something many ladies appreciate. Several fine restaurants require a reservation, and few offer a drive-through window.

     Therefore, his date will dress nicely. I suggested that my friend wear a nice shirt and slacks, not a tee-shirt with a tie painted on it.

     “When you pick up your date,” I told him, “remember your manners. Open the car door for her. Compliment her dress. If she accidentally burps, do not say ‘Good one!’

     “At dinner, the server will hand you a menu that might be printed in an elegant type, which makes every word look fancy. I once ordered two servings of gratuity.

     “Ask the server to recommend his favorite entrée,” I continued.  “When he describes it, don’t ask ‘Is it canned?’”

     On special occasions, some people order wine. White wine goes with seafood or poultry. Red wine blends with cheese, meat, and nuts.

     I once got in trouble asking for a “wine that comes in my school colors.”

     I told him that after a high-priced dessert (often something the waiter prepares at your table), he will be presented the check. If it’s more than his apartment rent, I guess he could ask for a monthly payment plan.

     Final suggestion: don’t ask the lady to leave the tip. I tried that once, and my date replied, “Here’s a tip. Don’t call me again.”

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