Welcome football season

Published 3:25 pm Wednesday, July 26, 2023


With the beginning of school, we also welcome another football season.  All schools have rules to keep order and teach discipline.  Football coaches have goals for their teams and strict training rules for the players.  Parents join P.T.A. groups and participate in booster clubs to support the football teams.


If you polled all the parents of school-age children, 100 percent would not favor alcohol in schools or profane language in the classroom.  As the school year and football season begin, let’s all send a positive message to our young people.


To the coaches:  On behalf of the players of whom you are in charge, please refrain from using any profane or vulgar language.  Perversion of the tongue crushes the spirit.


To the wise:  Cursing is neither attractive, nor fitting in any situation.


If a teacher used vulgar or profane language in the classroom, we would be outraged.  The school boards would not allow such behavior.  Parents would demand the person responsible for such behavior be dismissed as unfit to teach their children.  However, some of these same parents would think nothing of allowing a coach to exhibit the same ugly behavior on the football field.  Remember, it’s still school.


To all the players:  I ask that you always give 100 percent and remember that it’s a team sport.  Individuals get awards, but teams win championships.


I pray that the fans will respect the coaches, encourage the players, be positive, and enjoy the game.


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