Small bites

Published 8:30 am Sunday, July 23, 2023

by John Grimaldi, editorial contributor,

The Association of Mature American Citizens

A Golden birthday party

They came from all corners of the earth to attend a birthday party at Guisachan House in the village of Glen Affric in the Scottish Highlands recently. The event was held to celebrate the birth of the first litter of Golden Retrievers 155 years ago. The event attracted 466 dogs and their owners. According to the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, “the Golden as we know it today was bred at Guisachan, Glen Affric, near Inverness, the Scottish Estate of Lord Tweedmouth, from a series of matings which commenced by mating a good looking yellow coloured Flat Coated Retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel called ‘Belle’ (a breed now extinct but believed to be a small liver coloured dog with a curly coat).”




But it’s not a ‘real’ burger

Burger King has cheered up vegetarians with its newest fast-food offering: a meatless hamburger sandwich. So far it’s available in its stores in Thailand, only, and it is being called the “real cheeseburger” because the bun is filled with at least 20 slices of American cheese, but no burger, and it has gone viral throughout the country. At least one Thai Burger King location has had to curtail deliveries in order to ensure availability at its store. But not all customers think it is a tasty treat. One patron told CNN it’s a bit too much cheese. “I could only finish half of it,” she said.




Home is where you make it

Thinking about moving to Nebraska? If so, you might want to check out a rather unusual residence– a renovated missile silo. YouTube’s Andrew Flair purchased the nuclear bunker last year for $550,000 and turned it into an 2,000 square foot underground home. It’s listed for sale for $750,000 as “an opportunity to own a piece of cold-war military history and the ultimate survivalist retreat, weekend escape or perhaps an Airbnb.” And it comes, “complete with electricity, hot and cold running water, working septic system with lift station, and a water purification system.”



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