Watershed Council Approves Project List for $100M Design Support Program and Approves New $100M Funding Opportunity for Flood Mitigation

Published 3:11 pm Monday, August 22, 2022

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BATON ROUGE, La. – Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards is announcing the state will dedicate $100 million in federal funds to a Design Support Program for 28 flood mitigation projects and another $100 million to a Round 2 funding opportunity for local and regional projects. This follows the unanimous approval of the plan by the Council on Watershed Management which met last Thursday.

“As we continue working to reduce flood risks throughout Louisiana, the state is not only funding projects but assisting local and regional partners in project design and development to make sure we are funding high-impact flood mitigation efforts that don’t adversely affect surrounding communities,” Gov. Edwards said. “This work is central to the mission of the Louisiana Watershed Initiative, which is improving the way we approach flood mitigation by working collaboratively to develop and fund projects best suited for investment in each watershed region.”

Through the Design Support Program, the state will provide needed technical assistance to projects submitted during the Round 1 funding opportunity that did not receive awards. In this way, the state will be able to fund those projects in 2023.

In addition, LWI will open a Round 2 funding opportunity for local and regional projects in January 2023. Eligible projects for the $100 million Round 2 funding opportunity must benefit low- to moderate-income populations and HUD-identified most impacted and distressed areas.

Funding for the Design Support Program and Round 2 is part of the state’s Action Plan to spend $1.2 billion in federal Community Development Block Grant Mitigation funds.

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Design Support Program projects, applicant entities, watershed regions and budgets:

  • Sugarhouse Bayou Outfall, Town of Colfax, Region 1, $1.36 million
  • Dorcheat Road Bridge, Webster Parish, Region 1, $708,227
  • Sherman Lake Flood Storage, Town of Columbia, Region 2, $5.98 million
  • Hodge Drainage Improvements, Village of Hodge, Region 2, $1.57 million
  • Glenn Ditch Pumping Station, Town of Jonesville, Region 2, $1.96 million
  • Cypress Detention (South), City of West Monroe, Region 3, $1.28 million
  • James Addition Drainage, Town of Farmerville, Region 3, $1.5 million
  • Salter Street Stormwater Retention, Town of Delhi, Region 3, $3 million
  • West Parkview Drainage Improvements, City of Monroe, Region 3, $3.25 million
  • Ash Slough Drainage Improvements, Franklin Parish, Region 3, $3.87 million
  • Highway 33 Ditch Hardening, Town of Farmerville, Region 3, $2.3 million
  • Gulley Street Drainage, Town of Farmerville, Region 3, $1.26 million
  • Staulkinghead Creek Rehabilitation, Morehouse Parish, Region 3, $5 million
  • Nixon Addition Drainage Improvements, Town of Kinder, Region 4, $3.57 million
  • East Side Drainage Improvements, City of Bunkie, Region 5, $3.66 million
  • Anslem Coulee Regional Detention Pond, City of Youngsville, Region 5, $3.56 million
  • Oak Park Drainage Improvements, City of Oakdale, Region 5, $10.3 million
  • Fullers Park Drainage Improvements, City of Oakdale, Region 5, $6.9 million
  • East Side Drainage Improvements, Village of Hessmer, Region 5, $2.25 million
  • West Side Drainage Improvements, City of Bunkie, Region 5, $2.7 million
  • Parishwide Drainage Improvements, St. James Parish, Region 6, $814,244
  • Cancienne Canal Floodplain Preservation, Assumption Parish, Region 6, $4.29 million
  • New Pump Station Construction, Lafourche Parish, Region 6, $1.59 million
  • Upper Terrebonne Basin Drainage Improvements, Upper Delta Soil & Water Conservation District, Region 6, $9.17 million
  • Covington Lift Station Panel Elevations, City of Covington, Region 7, $2.6 million
  • Jones Vaughn Creek Bridge, West Feliciana Parish, Region 7, $1.4 million
  • Dawson Creek Drainage Improvements, East Baton Rouge Parish MOHSEP, Region 7, $8.26 million
  • Ormond Area Flood Mitigation Project, St. Charles Parish, Region 8, $6 million