Raychelle Harris offers a helping hand through legal resources

Published 1:04 am Wednesday, August 10, 2022

LAPLACE — Raychelle Harris is a New Orleans native specializing in grant services within her own company “Harris Legal Support Services LLC.” The company provides legal couriers, grants, business consultation, civil mediation, divorces, expungements, 501(C)3, ligation support, notary public, nonprofit and process services. Recently, Raychelle’s company opened a new location in St. John Parish in LaPlace. The company’s services seek to assist global legal departments and law firms with decreasing operating expenses and convenient operations by establishing a quality or quantity business plan. Independent and individual customers also can find assistance with legal drafting and Notary Public arrangements.

Raychelle’s company’s purpose is to help the fruition of small businesses and help the owners get the qualifications needed to function. One of the most known factors she helps business owners with is grants. Grants are necessary because they can provide means for institutions to supply resources that may be difficult to achieve. Grants don’t have to be repaid; they increase a company’s visibility and other assistance concerning grants from other organizations. What makes Harris Legal Support Services stand out is that they also offer services that help bring them beyond the steps of obtaining an LLC. Also, they specialize not just in grant writing but in other legal resources that most  law firms do not provide. For instance, they don’t just help out with starting LLCs but also make contracts, invoicing and non-profits.

Raychelle’s desire to help the community with legal actions stems from her mother, who was a senator and nurse practitioner, and her father, who was a judge. Starting out, she received her undergraduate degree in hotel management, worked as a front desk operative, and worked her way up to general management. Later she attended Tulane University for her master’s in legal studies and worked her way to becoming a certified paralegal. From there, Raychelle began to work towards becoming an accredited grant writer, earning credentials to teach and have accessibility to international grants. Working in ministries in legal aspects, she believed God called her to bridge the gap between a ministerial and secular business which birthed the vision of her company Harris Legal Support Services.

Raychelle wants her company to have a kingdom impact. She believes her company is much more than providing a service but also empowering others to learn and benefit from the resources she provides for them to help other people.