Small bites

Published 8:00 am Sunday, June 19, 2022


Halima Cissé knew she would be giving birth to a goodly number of babies when her time came. In fact, says the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], the doctors told her she could count on septuplets, perhaps even, octuplets as she went into labor. Close but no cigar! She’s the first known mother in the world to have nonuplets — that’s nine babies in one fell swoop! It happened last year, but it was announced just recently. Halima hails from the Republic of Mali in West Africa but spent the first year with her newborns in Morocco where she gave birth. It was a precautionary stay. What did Halima have to say? “I hope God blesses everyone who doesn’t yet have children, that they can have what we, the parents of nonuplets, currently have.”




Good deed

Vicky Umodu of San Bernardino, CA found the living room furniture she needed for her new home on Craigslist and it didn’t cost her a dime, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. But, when she brought the two couches and an armchair home, she got quite a shock. Stuffed in one of the cushions were numerous envelopes, each filled with cold, hard cash, totaling more than $36,000. It brought the best out of Vicky. Instead of quietly keeping the money, she called the previous owner who told her the furniture belonged to a deceased relative and that they, too, had discovered a bunch of cash filled envelopes in his home. The man, who remained anonymous, was so moved with Vickey’s innate honesty, presented her with a $2,000 reward for her good deed. Vicky, never for a moment, thought to take the money and keep quiet.  “I knew I couldn’t keep it.  I knew I had to give it back.”





U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilots stationed in Mobile, AL, Blake Morris and Maggie Morton, were browsing the Facebook Marketplace website when they came across a helicopter body for sale. They wasted no time in acquiring the hulk and quickly got into the task of repurposing it into a very unique camper. Their helicamper” conversion is well on its way to completion. Meanwhile, Blake and Maggie have been busy gathering the chopper’s history. According to Blake, it belonged to “the German military police first, then it got bought from there and used in Afghanistan with U.S. troops for a few years then it came here in about 2011 back in the states.”



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