Local author Jimmie Martinez receives top review for Summer of Haint Blue: From Cajun to Creole

Published 8:30 am Sunday, June 19, 2022

NEW ORLEANS – Louisiana author Jimmie Martinez received a four out of four-star review from the OnlineBookClub.org for his coming-of-age novel, Summer of Haint Blue: From Cajun to Creole, set in 1960s Louisiana Cajun country.

“Martinez created so many emotional scenes that challenged my thinking and brought the racial issues of the period to life,” said official Onlinebookclub.org reviewer, Everydayadventure15. “The story filled my heart with hope that we can all change our thoughts and learn to appreciate the differences in cultures instead of allowing each race’s unique aspects to create discrimination and prejudices.”

Summer of Haint Blue follows 15-year-old Justin Couvillion’s attempts to deal with the evils of racism and his blossoming friendships that defy social norms of the politically charged climate during the summer of 1960. The novel traces Couvillion’s rural upbringing and his quest to understand the racially divided world in which he is growing up, exploring the challenging issues of interracial relationships, racial conflict and loss of innocence.

“My favorite part of this novel was witnessing Justin’s transformation as he realized that not everything he believed as a child was as straightforward as it appeared. I adored watching him come into his mature thinking and how he learned to stand up for the ideals in which he believed,” wrote Everydayadventure15.

Summer of Haint Blue: From Cajun to Creole was published in 2021 by The Lisburn Press and is Martinez’s fourth novel, following The Battle for New Orleans-The Casino WarsRigged, Righteous Road; and Cajun Chameleon. Former four-term Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, the quintessential Cajun, said Cajun Chameleon is “masterfully written. Jimmie captures the true essence of life in the 60s in Southern Louisiana.” Martinez is currently working on his fifth novel, Cajun Crow and the Mockingbird.

Summer of Haint Blue: From Cajun to Creole can be purchased on Amazon. Read the full review from onlinebookclub.org at https://forums.onlinebookclub.org/viewtopic.php?t=237549.