House Dems On Sine Die: “Democrats Are Doing The Work And Pulling Our State Forward.”

Published 6:27 am Tuesday, June 7, 2022

See below for a statement from House Democratic Caucus Chairman Sam Jenkins on the end of the 2022 legislative session:

“House Democrats delivered for families in the 2022 legislative session and helped move Louisiana forward. Democrats authored legislation to lower the cost of insulin, help hurricane victims deal with their insurance companies and landlords, reform our criminal justice system, and help rural communities and small businesses. We also used our influence on the budget-making process to provide teachers and support staff with a pay raise, invest in higher education at historic levels, and deliver more than $300 million in programs and projects to improve the quality of life in our districts. And while our legislation was focused on kitchen-table issues, we also fought back against attempts by others to push Louisiana into the embarrassing culture wars, and we stood up for the most vulnerable among us. There is more we need to do to improve education, raise wages, and protect our civil rights—but this session proved that Democrats are doing the work and pulling our state forward.”