Greenfield awards scholarship to West St. John graduate

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 4, 2022


EDGARD — Greenfield Louisiana is proud to award a scholarship to West St. John High School graduate Ja’Ron Minor.

The scholarship includes tuition for two years to River Parishes Community College, a $250 monthly stipend, and an opportunity for employment at the grain elevator once he completes schooling.

“Greenfield is proud to support the community with education and jobs that will ensure success for generations, said Greenfield COO Cal Williams. “Ja’Ron has an exciting future ahead of him whatever he decides to do with his degree, and we would be proud to welcome him with a job in the community once our facility is built. We look forward to supporting other young bright minds like him to thrive as well.”

Greenfield has been working to donate $1 million dollars directly to West St. John High School to develop & expand curriculum opportunities for WSJ students, upgrade facilities, invest in technology, and more.

Greenfield’s new, state-of-the-art grain elevator will help local farmers more efficiently transport their goods, significantly reduce environmental impacts and deliver 100 good-paying local jobs and other benefits to this community.

Greenfield Exports is constructing a new export grain facility located on the west bank of St. John the Baptist Parish in Wallace. The facility will receive grain primarily via barge and then export grain via oceangoing vessels and no new smokestacks will be built. The facility will not process crude oil, natural gas, or chemicals and no smokestacks will be built. The development of the Wallace Greenfield Grain Terminal property is meant to diversify the local tax base and ease the region’s energy and agricultural transition by receiving and transporting grain in a cleaner, more sustainable way while creating more than 100 direct local jobs, 500 indirect jobs, and significant local and state tax revenue.