Finance Fest Fun: Students have a blast with Louisiana Federal Credit Union

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 20, 2022

LAPLACE — It’s never too early for teenagers to start preparing for a bright financial future. Louisiana Federal Credit Union recently partnered with St. Charles Catholic High School to host Finance Fest, an interactive event that taught students about financial decisions and concepts, including credit scores, savings accounts, loans and more.

Playing games at each station qualified students to win Apple AirPods, T-shirts, water bottles, gift cards and other prizes.

Finance Fest was the culmination of several weeks of financial lessons. In early March, students in SCC’s Introduction to Business Class were introduced to Sandi Lambert with Louisiana Federal Credit Union. The first two weeks were spent reviewing basic financial skills through presentations and conversation. Some classes assigned students to specific roles such as announcements, newsletter articles and advertising. Students created a plan using an event worksheet to learn valuable time management skills.

Each assignment aimed to help students feel comfortable with using a financial institution. Understanding the basics gave students the confidence to ask questions along the way.

While working with the St. Charles Catholic students, Lambert explained how the technology can be a tool for banking on the go.

“Their generation is so deep into electronics and everything digital, so we want to teach them to use the tools that help them focus on life first – like the mobile app and online banking,” Lambert said. “Most don’t have a need to step in a brick and mortar if they don’t need to.”

Lambert also emphasized the importance of maintaining a high credit score to secure the best rates on loans.

“Lastly, even teenagers need emergency funds,” Lambert said. “Pay yourself first, and have something to fall back on if needed.”