St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office to initiate Feline Patrol Unit

Published 11:13 am Friday, April 1, 2022

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Sheriff Greg Champagne is pleased to announce that The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office will introduce a Feline Patrol Unit to work with the K-9 unit.
We believe that felines will fill a specific operational need and have the ability to chase certain subjects into heavily wooded areas. They also have the ability to prevent these suspects from climbing trees since they will know a police cat can easily follow them. “It is well documented that some dangerous suspects have no fear of dogs but are terrified and immediately surrender without incident when confronted with a properly trained feline in authority”, said Sheriff Greg Champagne. Many of us married men will understand this concept.
In addition to the tactical advantages, the budget savings depending upon the breed and acquisition method (adoption etc..) should be significant. As part of the pre-employment screening process, feline applicants will have to submit to screening for addictive catnip usage.
We are optimistic that the potential for this pilot program is great and we don’t see any unforeseen CATastrophes with it.
We appreciate the citizens’ patience and understanding as we undertake this new direction. We also would like to wish everyone a safe and happy April Fool’s Day.