Zero tolerance for reckless operation of all terrain vehicles at St. John Parades

Published 7:39 am Thursday, February 24, 2022

Sheriff Mike Tregre has announced there will be zero-tolerance for careless and reckless operators of all terrain vehicles on streets at St. John parades this weekend.
For the safety of those attending the parades, the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office task force will be patrolling streets, on the lookout for anyone driving an all terrain vehicle in a reckless manner.
“These drivers of ATVs in a reckless manner are putting their lives as well as others in danger,” Sheriff Tregre said. “Law enforcement will be out there to ensure that these drivers will be cited, arrested, and their vehicles will be seized.”
Also, in recent weeks, the SJSO has received an uptick in calls in reference to animal complaints. All parade goers are reminded that dogs are not permitted to run upon any road, street, or other public place, or trespass upon any premises other than the premises of the owner, within the parish, unless it is muzzled or held under leash and accompanied by its owner or keeper.