SCC awarded ECOLAB grant

Published 12:02 am Saturday, December 18, 2021

LAPLACE — St. Charles Catholic High School is a proud recipient of the ECOLAB 2021 Grant which is awarded to schools seeking to expand their technological and scientific offerings.  The goal of this partnership is to encourage and reward creativity and innovation in the classroom.  This is the ninth consecutive year that St. Charles Catholic High School is awarded the Visions for Learning Grant. This 2021 project is titled Expanding a Legacy of Innovation for a Post-Pandemic World.

The goal of the 2021 project is all about creating access to hands-on learning. With the $7,800 awarded to the school, SCC plans to invest in materials for the science labs, offering increased experience with scientific equipment such as microscopes, robotics, organic substances, chemicals, scales and safety tools. Students in all of the scientific courses have access to these materials; such courses include: Anatomy, Biology I & II, Chemistry I & II, Earth & Space Science, Medical Terminology, Physical Science, Physics, Robotics and Introduction to Petrochemical Sciences I & II.

Over 400 students will benefit from these additional science materials, and the increased engagement of in-person learning is sure to be a benefit to SCC’s students. As the premier college-prep high school in the River Parishes, SCC’s graduating students often study and begin career in the Sciences, including medicine, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, chemical engineering and more.

SCC employs a 1:1 Apple Device policy with 8-10 graders using iPads and 11-12 graders using MacBooks in the classroom. These devices allow the students to use data trackers, educational apps, communication apps and research tools in conjunction with their experiments and engagement with the classroom tools. The importance of hands-on experiments, working in teams, collecting data and analyzing data encourages students to grow academically – not only in science, but in math and reading as well.  The EcoLab grant will continue to support these efforts across campus to meet SCC’s high standard of effective teaching and consistent learning.

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