Quinn Minute – Flashback to pre-history

Published 11:00 am Sunday, October 24, 2021

by Rix Quinn

     Throughout time, simple solutions required complex thought. Will you please climb aboard my time machine, and journey far back into history with me?

    We’re going back so far that people not only didn’t have cell phones…they didn’t even know they had cells.

     It’s reported that the oldest “modern” human bones date back about 300,000 years. Their lives must have been terrible, because they had no access to modern-day grooming products like deodorant, tooth floss, and styling mousse.

     But our ancestors were sharp primates. Those folks — the ones who weren’t struck by lightning or devoured by a sabretooth tiger — predicted that without a way to communicate, they could never build a society…or even find a prom date.

     How could they first express their needs? Probably with expressions and hand gestures only, until they invented a primitive vocabulary

     Here’s another problem with these ancient people: they had absolutely no clothes, not even last season’s fashions.

     What simple need led to prehistoric clothes? Folks realized they needed warmth at higher altitudes. Today, of course, almost no restaurant appreciates naked diners.

     Well, we’ve talked enough about the cave people’s clothing needs.. Next week we’ll talk about wise dining decisions they made.

     Here’s the bottom line: If we can simplify a question, we can more easily find the answer.