Hurricane Ida approaches the coast

Published 7:39 am Sunday, August 29, 2021

Hurricane Ida is approaching the coast, with landfall expected this afternoon as a major hurricane.
Now is the time to find your safe place to shelter from this storm. Conditions are deteriorating
▪️Hurricane force winds (>74mph) will be possible
▪️Storm surge 5-8ft: Lake Pontchartrain
◾️4-6ft: Lake Maurepas possible
◾️10-18″ of rainfall is possible with a swath of 15-20″ near the center of the track
◾️Threat of Tornadoes
– A shelter of last resort is open at Emily C. Watkins, 928 LA 628 in LaPlace, and will be throughout the duration of the event.
-If you’re staying home, please take some time this morning to bring garbage cans in and other items that can be impacted by strong winds, charge your devices and plan for power outages, find a safe place in case of a tornado warning.
– Stay connected to us for timely emergency information.