President Jewell Declares State of Emergency

Published 9:01 am Friday, August 27, 2021

Hahnville, LA – President Matthew Jewell has declared a state of emergency ahead of Tropical Storm Ida, which will enter the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow morning and is expected to be a major hurricane impacting the Louisiana coast Sunday. St. Charles Parish residents can expect to see hurricane conditions Sunday morning.

Yesterday Public Works started putting out HESCO baskets along Bayou Des Allemands and is checking all 56 pump stations, clearing storm drains and ensuring drainage systems are fully operational.

All sandbag locations will be open by 1 p.m., today, Friday, August 27. Parish officials will be checking for IDs. Residents should only take what they need and bring their shovels. A full list of sandbag locations can be found here.

All boat launches in the parish will be closed Saturday morning, August 28, and the gaps in Des Allemands HESCO baskets will also be filled.

At this time, residents should refrain from putting out bulk debris. While regular garbage services remain on schedule, bulk debris will inhibit Public Works from focusing on other storm-fighting activities.

All residents are encouraged to gather emergency supplies, including food, water and medicine for at least three days; secure loose items around your home; make sure you are familiar with proper usage of your generator; and have a plan for your pets.

As Tropical Storm Ida enters the Gulf of Mexico, residents should continue to monitor the weather and follow guidance from local officials over the next few days.

To sign up for emergency alerts, visit For more information regarding Ida and St. Charles Parish, please visit our website at, Cox Channel 6, UVerse Channel 99, or follow us on Facebook (@stcharlesgov), Instagram (@stcharlesgovernment) and Twitter (@stcharlesgov).