Sitting for success at school

Published 7:46 am Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Proper posture is extremely important, but can be difficult in a classroom setting that involves sitting for long periods of time. Below are a few tips to help students take care of their bodies and “sit for success” in a desk.

1.   Keep both feet on the ground to ensure your lower back and core in a neutral position. This reduces stress along the spine. Try not to bend forward when working at a desk. Focus on creating an imaginary straight line from your head to your lower back.

2.   When reading or looking at a computer screen, position the object you are looking at level with your eyes to avoid unnecessarily bending your neck up or down.  Reposition your screen as needed to allow you to look straight ahead.

3.   When sitting in a desk or chair, your shoulder position should feel comfortable. Avoid placing your arms on top of the desk or chair if it means unnaturally pushing your shoulders into a shrugged position. Alternatively, don’t hang your arms down without support. Sit relaxed, upright and with good posture.

St. James Parish Hospital welcomed Todd Lambert in 2019 as its Orthopedic Program Director.  His background as a lifelong athlete and previous experience at an orthopedic clinic greatly benefits local patients. He is skilled in treating knee and hip replacements, ACL and meniscus repairs, rotator cuff repairs and shoulder replacements. He is also a leader in the hospital’s Joint Program.