“Today is” February 8th

Published 11:52 am Monday, February 8, 2021

Today is National Football Hangover Day. The day for the people calling in “sick” to work to nurse that mind-piercing, stomach churning, nausea inducing stupor, known as a hangover after drinking that game day barely beverage. As for hangovers, everyone claims to have the hands down best remedy, medical professionals recommend drinking water and avoiding drinking on an empty stomach will help minimize a hangover.


Today in History: In 2002 Salt Lake City, Utah opens the XIX Winter Olympics.


Fun Fact: There was a Canadian dollar underneath the ice in support of the Canadian men’s team, supposedly placed there at the request of Wayne Gretzky, who knew the man responsible for ice upkeep.


Lagniappe: Now the day of love is almost upon us now, but before then why not spice up the way to Valentine’s Day with a Valentine’s week. (Yes, this a thing, apparently.) Today to the 14th do some little things with your significant other, until that chocolate day. The week goes as follows:
8th Propose Day

9th Chocolate Day

10th Teddy Day

11th Promise Day

12th Hug Day

13th Kiss Day

14th Valentine’s Day

If your interested in these ideas : http://valentine-week.com/valentine-week-list-2017-v-day-week-date-schedule.html