Tregre: Moving into Fall 2020

Published 8:43 am Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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It actually might be time for 2020 to get out of here. I suggested to my wife if we put up the Christmas tree and holiday decorations now, the end of this dreaded year may come sooner. We are all pretty tired of hurricane season. Mental fatigue is no joke. At SJSO when it comes to hurricane preparedness, we plan for the best and worst case scenarios. But in 2020, we have had to ramp up and back down more than ever. Those alerts from the National Weather Service definitely get the juices flowing, especially at 4 a.m. Hopefully cooler weather will move in, help prevent these storms from developing and take all of this rain away.

In all of the down time, I have started to plan for annual upcoming events like Night Out Against Crime, Halloween, Citizens Academy and SJSO Annual Senior Citizens Dinner. I even went as far as initial prep for the LaPlace Parades in 2021, which falls on Valentine’s Day!

Due to COVID-19, Night Out Against Crime, scheduled for October 6, appears to be another main event to be cancelled this year. Therefore, I am asking citizens to show their support our men and women in blue by changing your light bulb on your front porch to blue in October. As always, we appreciate the support that the community shows us.

When it comes to Halloween, I don’t foresee any changes. Kids look forward to this night for weeks in advance. Please read the CDC guidelines as they recommend that kids wear a mask (other than the one that are a part of a costume) and those that are distributing candy wear gloves. Officers will be out and about as usual to ensure safety and distribute glow necklaces.

We are working hard to schedule our Annual Citizens Academy before 2020 is over. This nine-week academy is typically held in April. During each class session, citizens learn the inner workings of the sheriff’s office. I started this academy four years ago because I believe that citizens need to understand what we do and why. This year, there has been so much tension between citizens and police that it is needed more than ever.

In closing, I would like to thank all of those who checked on me, prayed for me and dropped off groceries with “special recipes” to get rid of the virus. It means the world to me! And after donating blood last week, I tested positive for the viral antibodies, and I’m a candidate for donating convalescent plasma. Therefore, I will be doing my part in helping to find a vaccine by donating my plasma. I always say there is good that can come out of a bad situation. Maybe I can help save someone! As they say, “Ain’t God good?”

Mike Tregre is sheriff of St. John the Baptist Parish. Reach him at