Quinn: Dates from Hades

Published 8:02 am Sunday, June 28, 2020

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     In this pandemic prom season, we received a powerful story from my editor friend K.G., and knew you’d want to read it: So, here it is:

OK, let’s just say that back in school, I literally dodged a “bad boy,” and my children should feel an inner “Whew.”

High school was stressful enough for me, and it was made more so after this Homecoming evening. I never had a grand image of myself when it came to dating. (I suppose I was maybe an eight on the cute-meter, and some even said “hot”…whatever that meant back then.)

Anyway, a particular bad boy sought me. After I finally accepted his dance invitation, it became a date made in…well, let’s say the Keystone Cops would have enjoyed it.

The event was held at a gymnasium in one of the private schools. It was toward the later part of the evening when my date quietly said, “I need to leave for a little while, but I’ll be back. I just need to get some money”.

I thought, “OK, but money for what, exactly? We were already here, and paid to get in.” I politely said OK, but secretly I thought, “He is ditching me? Well, go ahead. I hate you.”

So, imagine how my hatred turned into a gushing heart when he did come back,  and took me to the dance floor. I was in “I got you, babe” heaven!

Well, that lasted about four short minutes, and the lights came on. We all looked crumby in bright lights after dancing for two hours, and we protested.

But suddenly, the police walked in, and sashayed directly over to –you guessed it! — me and my bad boy, the hot, stupid date.

Yep, someone’s finger had pointed him out, and I was in direct line of that finger as well.  A sad story turned even sadder.

My date robbed a tavern, then came back to dance with me. The gushing heart I spoke of earlier turned to, “I really permanently hate you now.”

Needless to say, the date was over, and I had to call my Dad to come get me. Moral of this story? I escaped hell…and he went to jail.

Rix Quinn is the author of Flaky Fables, a column of Rix Quinn Communications, LLC, 4212 Inwood Road, Fort Worth, TX 76109, phone 817-920-7999. Rix Quinn’s new e-book is now available. It’s called “How to Sell Ideas with the Minute Message.”













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