Keller: Be proud of patriotic sons and daughters

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I often say that God is faithful and He always gives me what I need.

Monday morning, I woke up early and was trying to think of what I should write about in my article.  Before I got too frustrated, I decided to go to the bank. It was closed. I then decided to visit my daughter, Ronny, and she wasn’t home. I thought that maybe God wanted me to talk about disappointments.

As I left Ronny’s, I saw her and her friend, Diana Roberts, walking for exercise. We spoke for a minute and Ronny said, “You know her husband, Harry!”

During our conversation, I found out that the Roberts have two sons, Michael and David, in the military.  Michael is in the Marines and David is in the Air Force. Being patriotic, I get excited when I hear of young men volunteering to serve our great country and to protect our freedom.

Sunday, I got a call from Ben Bergeron who enlisted in the Air Force and graduated this weekend from Boot Camp. Ben is the son of Emile and Anne Bergeron, who have 10 other children.

When I asked Diana for permission to write this article, she humbly agreed and said, “A lot of parents have children in the military.”

With that in mind, as I write this article, I’m believing that the message of how grateful we are for their unselfish service will be encouraging to all.

May God continue to bless America!

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