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Leah Carrillo’s personality shines bright

LAPLACE — John L. Ory eighth grader Leah Carrillo is bursting with personality. She’s talkative, intelligent and kind, with a fiery ambition that drives her to take on new experiences.

Since school started in August, Leah has joined John L. Ory’s choir and safety patrol. She’s already making plans to join Beta Club and student council, in addition to trying out for talented music and talented drama this fall.

School safety patrol is a newly instituted program sponsored by AAA to help young pedestrians take responsibility for traffic safety, according to John L. Ory assistant principal Robert Schaff.

Leah is captain of the safety patrol, and she enjoys serving her fellow students in a leadership capacity.

“I’ve actually really enjoyed doing that,” Leah said. “I’m responsible for taking the bus numbers, making sure the members of the safety patrol are doing their job bringing the kids to the bus, and making sure kids don’t run or cut through the grass because it might not be safe for them. We want to keep the kids as safe as possible.”

Leah is also excited about her new role in the school choir. Singing has always been one of her passions. Spanish music is her favorite, paying homage to her parents’ Honduran and Guatemalan roots. Even when no music is playing, Leah can find a tune in just about every action.

“I will sing about anything,” Leah said. “If I clean my room, I’m going to sing about cleaning my room. It’s just what pops into my head.”

Leah Carrillo has a plan to become an architect after high school.

However, Leah doesn’t imagine a singing career in her future. Her first dream was to become an FBI agent, but she realized it ultimately wasn’t what she wanted. Becoming a plastic surgeon was a consideration, except for the fact that she’s squeamish when seeing blood.

Since last year, she has been set on becoming an architect.

“I have that clear in my mind,” Leah said. “I love math, numbers and drawing.”

Math is her favorite subject in school, and she enjoys everything from solving algebra equations to finding volume of various shapes. She excels in every subject with a competitive drive to be one of the top students in the class.

Leah always earns A/B honor roll, and she’s placed second in district level social studies fair competition.

Outside of school, Leah attends karate class twice a week. While karate lessons are still a new adventure, Leah has felt her skills improve over the past three months.

“It’s really important to me,” Leah said. “I actually take pride in that a lot. I got into it because my brother really likes it. I saw him doing it and I thought, that looks really fun and interesting.”

At home, Leah loves taking care of her four pets: a schnauzer, a German shepherd, a Maltese and a blue-fronted Amazon parrot.

John L. Ory Principal Monica Brown is proud of Leah’s school spirit.

“Leah Carrillo is an eighth grade scholar shining brighter this year,” Brown said. “She began attending Ory last year. This year, she is more involved.”

Leah is always respectful and polite, and she has set a goal for herself to attend the St. John Parish STEM Magnet Program next year, according to Brown.

“I anticipate that she will continue to spread her wings this year and beyond!” Brown added.

Leah is personable, and she welcomes anyone who needs a listening ear to approach her without fear of judgment.

She attributes much of her success to her parents, Lidia and Sergio Carrillo, who have worked hard to support her passions.

Leah is also thankful for the support of extended family members who have helped take care of her and always attended her school events.