Keller: Open doors come in any life plan

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, May 2, 2018

When someone has a disappointing and sometimes devastating experience, they’re often told, “When God allows a door to close, He will always open another.”

Over 40 years ago, I was dismissed (a substitute for fired) from a job that I really enjoyed. Believe me, I was devastated.

I received a phone call from two ladies who said they were thinking about me and ended the calls with, “God has a better plan for you.” I remember thinking that I wish God would have let my plan alone.

I thought I was doing OK.

I had no doubt that God had a few open doors for me, but while feeling sorry for myself and thinking about my lost, I neglected to recognize them.

After many months of doing nothing, Pastor Rod Aguillard of the Reserve Church called a few people together to talk about the drug problem. It was then that the door was opened for what is known as ‘Get High on Life.” That was in early 1980 and in October of that year, I became a Christian.

As I look back to the door that was closed because of my lifestyle, I realize that I was           on the road to destruction.

Today, Jeanne and I are forever grateful for God’s ministry of “Get High on Life” and His open-door policy.

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