Keller: Presence of faith needed for answers

Published 12:01 am Saturday, February 24, 2018

Since the killing of 17 people at a Florida high school last week, parents, school officials, students, politicians and some religious leaders are asking why. What’s the solution and who’s to blame for the 25 school shootings since 1998?

Politicians are using this tragedy to bring up gun laws as the main reason. Others are saying that it’s a mental health problem.

Guns don’t kill people; evil people do. Are these people mentally unstable? Yes, without a doubt! Many lawyers suggest to the people they are defending to plead temporary insanity instead of the evil act that it is.

God’s creation was a perfect life intended for all, but Adam and Eve rebelled in the Garden. They were free to enjoy everything, except they were warned not to eat the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Evil. With that decision, sin was passed down to all generations and the perfect life God desired for all was destroyed.

All the evil in the world, including what happened last week, can be blamed on Adam and Eve. That choice made by Adam is the reason evil was handed down to all of us. It’s our decision whether to make good choices instead of bad ones.

Angry people in Florida have taken their protests to the streets looking for answers. Demonstrations have given many people excuses to blame the politicians, looking to man for the solution.

Wednesday, as President Trump hosted a meeting with students, parents and school officials, listening to what they thought would be a solution, the news broke that Pastor Billy Graham died at age 99. Billy Graham did more to promote Christianity throughout the world than any spiritual leader. The news media showed a few clips of his many crusades.

After one tragedy years ago, he said, “No man can solve America’s problems outside the presence of Jesus Christ.”

Maybe it’s time all of us wake up and realize what the solution is for all of our problems.

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