Keller: ‘Born-again’ benefit is your choice

Published 12:01 am Saturday, September 16, 2017

Recently, at a men’s Bible discussion, the moderator chose “fear” as the topic. When it was my turn to share, I said, “What I fear the most is when I face death, I will lose my testimony, especially to my family.”

Since my salvation, I’ve talked about life after death. According to the Bible, we will spend it in one of two places — Heaven or Hell. I know, because of being a Christian and accepting what Jesus did at the Cross, I will spend eternity in Heaven.

I’ve heard many people confess the same, but when it comes time to meet their Maker, they squirm and are afraid.

When it’s my turn, I want to go peacefully with the faith that I’ve talked about, not fearing my eternal destination.

Being human, I, like most people, fear losing loved ones. Another fear is not sharing with everyone what a born-again experience is according to God’s Word.

It’s amazing how many very religious church-going people have no idea about salvation.

When sharing with others I ask them, “When you die, are you going to Heaven or Hell?”

It’s amazing the answers I get. Some believe there is another place.

When asking this question to a man a few days ago, he said, “That’s up to God. It’s not my decision.” (If it sounds ridiculous, it is.) I told him that it’s not up to God. He has given us a choice. It’s up to each one to choose.

Choosing salvation is so simple, it confuses many people. Jesus gives us the answer in John, Chapter 3. You must be born-again.

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