Keller: God shares excitement through others

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sunday morning, I attended church alone, because Jeanne had plans with our daughter, Ann.

After the service, I decided to have breakfast at Tastee Donuts on the corner of West Esplanade and Transcontinental in Metairie. Besides doughnuts and other sweets, they have a full breakfast menu.

While standing in line, a young man ahead of me introduced himself and commented on my suit. I thanked him and shared that a friend of mine blessed me with it.

As I was eating, two men and a lady were in conversation at a table next to me. I overheard the men talking about American Legion baseball.

After I finished eating, I walked over to the group and introduced myself and shared that I remember American Legion baseball when it was at its peak in New Orleans. We agreed that it’s not the same now.

The two men graduated from St. Aloysius High School (presently De La Salle High).

The men were brothers and the lady was the wife of the younger man.

After a short discussion, the older man said that his brother and wife had just returned from the Holy Land. As I showed an interest, they began to tell me about their trip.

They were full of joy as they described the places they visited, especially the ones where Jesus had walked. I was very excited to hear their story.

I’ve never been to Jerusalem, but with the spirit they had while describing it to me, I’m sure they were Christians. I could feel their experience was a life changing one.

I enjoyed the breakfast, but meeting those three people was something I’ll never forget.

While driving home, I thought about the meeting and how God uses people to get others excited about His Kingdom.

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