Keller: 59 years with the best wife

Published 11:18 am Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Last week (May 24) Jeanne and I celebrated 59 years of marriage.

As we were riding to have lunch, I asked if she would do it over again.

Without hesitation she said, “Yes!” She then asked if I would. After saying yes, I added that nobody else would have stayed with me.

The Bible says that when you find a wife, you’ve found a good thing.

In my case I did, in fact, she is the greatest. God gave me exactly what I needed — a wife that knows what unconditional love is in spite of my behavior.

She could teach a lesson on forgiveness without even going back to open old wounds.

She was a godly mother to our four children and is a role model for our 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

As I try to minister to groups with my testimony, she touches more people with her kind, compassionate and loving spirit than I do.

Yes, God gave me the best, because He knew what she would face marrying me.

As the Bible says, I found a good thing. I wonder why it doesn’t say anything about finding a husband?

Jeanne, thank you for teaching me these last 59 years how a Christian should act.

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