Keller: Negative outlook brings all down

Published 12:02 am Saturday, March 25, 2017

I know God’s Word says that we have to love everyone. I sometimes have a struggle with that. To justify my emotions, I realize that I don’t have to like everyone.

Recently, I saw my friend, Kenneth Bardell of Mt. Airy at the Reserve Post Office. I’m always glad to see him, because he seems to always be positive.

In the course of the conversation, I told Kenny that the older I get, the more I realize I really don’t like a lot of people. In fact, I quit asking people how they are doing, because very few talk about their blessings.

The conversation is always about their problems. They enjoy sitting on their pity-pot being miserable. I don’t want to disturb their misery, so I’m patient and listen, while not enjoying it.

On a positive note, two weeks ago Lola Mahler and Corrine Breaud, members of the St. Francis of Assisi Prayer Group from Vacherie, called me and wanted to do something special for Lent. They asked if I could arrange to have them speak in a jail to the women who were incarcerated. They said that God told them to visit those in jail.

I called Captain Edward Scott, the warden of the Convent jail, and he agreed to let them minister once a week for three weeks.

They’ve completed two sessions as of this date. After the first week, Lola and Corrine said, “We thought we were going to minister to them but they ministered to us.” They were very excited.

This week, the second session was really great! All the ladies participated and shared whatever they felt. It’s amazing what the Holy Spirit does when you allow Him to be in control.

Lola shared her story. She is an amazing woman who has never complained about the cross she’s had to carry. Her husband, Boyd, was killed in a plant explosion 17 years ago. She was left with three children. Her only son, Matt, was killed in an accident three years ago at age 22.

With all of that, Lola continuously thanks God for her blessings. After knowing her and hearing her testimony, it’s hard to handle people who complain about petty things.

Lola, Corrine and the Assisi Prayer Group have been a big part in God’s ministry of Get High of Life. Jeanne and I thank God for putting them in our lives.


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