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St. John the Baptist Parish arrests report: 2/17 – 2/20


Jose Bonilla, 36, 211 Paxton Dr., LaPlace, driver must be licensed 32:58 – careless operation, D.W.I. – 1st offense (misdemeanor)

Fiebaka Derefaka, 19, 1300 Cambridge Dr., LaPlace, battery of a police officer (misdemeanor), resisting an officer w/force or violence (felony), simple assault (misdemeanor) – 5 counts, disturbing the peace – offensive, derisive, annoying words to another (misdemeanor), flight from an officer (misdemeanor), resisting an officer (misdemeanor)

Steven Catoir, 55, 260 NW 3rd St., Reserve, bench warrant

Tristan Sharlow, 26, 104 W. 2nd St., LaPlace, resisting an officer (misdemeanor)

Jamie Robinson, 29, 278 Daffodil St., Mt. Airy, simple criminal damage to property- under $500 (misdemeanor)

Don D. Johnson Jr., 26, 2013 N. Sugar Ridge, LaPlace, bench warrant, arrest or summons for violation of probation, contempt of court – misdemeanor

Jasmine Thomas, 24, 2013 N. Sugar Ridge Dr., LaPlace, resisting an officer (misdemeanor)

Davonte Terrell Johnson, 21, 2013 N. Sugar Ridge Dr., LaPlace, resisting an officer (misdemeanor)

Jevon Marrio Johnson, 32, 1656 Jefferson St., LaPlace, illegal possession of stolen things (misdemeanor), theft – less than $750 (misdemeanor),
illegal possession of stolen things (misdemeanor), theft by fraud – less than $750 (misdemeanor), three counts of contempt of court – misdemeanor, D.W.I. – 1st offense (misdemeanor)

Patricia Billings, 50, 215 Cooper Road, Bogalusa, disturbing the peace – appearing in an intoxicated condition (misdemeanor)

Wade J. Labit IV, 31, 524 Cedar St., LaPlace, false imprisonment (misdemeanor), resisting an officer (misdemeanor)


Katia Dixon, 66, 125 S. Emilie St., Garyville, aggravated assault (misdemeanor)

Shantrell Dixon, 36, 125 S. Emile St., Garyville, aggravated battery (felony)

Schana Alerra Collins, 26, 124 Melius Dr., Reserve, D.W.I. – 1st offense (misdemeanor)

Orlando Michael Sanders, 36, 610 Railroad Ave., Reserve, aggravated criminal damage to property (felony)

Jay Chenier, 44, 1504 Madewood St., LaPlace, simple criminal damage to property- under $500 (misdemeanor)


Donald R. Smith, 58, 908 Coleman Ave., Hammond, D.W.I. – 1st offense (misdemeanor), driving on roadway laned for traffic, operating vehicle with suspended license; no license issued

Garland Rhodes Cottingham, 35, 611 Fairway Dr., LaPlace, Adm Sanction – administrative sanctions

Robert Anderson, 40, 1824 Southdown Road, LaPlace, contempt of court – misdemeanor), cruelty to juveniles – with force/violence

Juvenile female, 17, LaPlace, runaway juvenile

Nicole Goodwin, 47, 1912 Longwood Ct., LaPlace, simple battery (misdemeanor)


Dwayne Perrilloux, 39, 137 Boardwalk St., LaPlace, simple battery (misdemeanor)

Juvenile male, 16, New Orleans, illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities, negligent injuring (misdemeanor), illegal carrying of weapon: use weapon/violent crime or cds (felony)

Trinean Stokes Scott, 43, 2425 Cambridge Dr., LaPlace, contempt of court – misdemeanor

Dawson Michael Cable, 18, 126 Pitre Street, St. Rose, contempt of court – misdemeanor

Ellen W. Cable, 67, 316 Magnolia Ave., LaPlace, contempt of court – misdemeanor

Donald Ray Davis Jr., 27, 933 Whitlow Ct., LaPlace, child passenger restraint system, illegal use of controlled drug in presence of persons under 17 years old (misdemeanor), driver must be licensed, tail lamps required, possession of marijuana 1st offense (misdemeanor), warrant from Jefferson Parish

Dajuan Michael Kelson, 27, 231 Satsuma Street, LaPlace, contempt of court – felony, two counts of contempt of court – misdemeanor

Richard V. George Sr., 54, 363 Pine St., LaPlace, bench warrant

Jonell Butler, 33, 337 Homewood Place, LaPlace, two bench warrants, contempt of court – felony, fugitive Warrant for New Orleans Police Department

Rachel Monique Chopin, 30, 8898 Sunnyside Dr., LaPlace, three counts of contempt of court – misdemeanor

Bruce Michael Rayfield Jr., 40, 476 NW 2nd St., Reserve, contempt of court – misdemeanor

Herman Perry Jr., 40, 6215 Riverside Dr., LaPlace, bench warrant

David Troy Pierre, 59, 191 Central Ave., Edgard, unauthorized entry of a place of business (felony)

Brandon Alexander Narcisse, 29, 535 Willow St., LaPlace, contempt of court – felony

Curtis I. Tsuruda, 59, 112 Derek Lane, LaPlace, cruelty to juveniles – with force/violence