Keller: Capitano’s faith was remarkable to see

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Two years ago, Johnny Capitano walked into our Friday morning men’s Bible sharing group. Since that time, he has been a regular at the meetings and often shared that these meetings were most important in his Christian walk.

He made an instant, positive impact on all the men who attended.

What made Johnny different from most of us at the meeting?

He didn’t quote Scripture with authority and didn’t talk as much as me and others. But when he did, everyone listened.

Johnny’s humble spirit was what got people’s attention.

He and I became friends. God allowed Johnny to come into my life to show me how Christians should depend on the Bible for every problem in their lives. Johnny used the name of Jesus more than anyone with whom I’ve ever been associated.

Over the years, I learned that Johnny was a professional prizefighter. He loved boxing and loved his coach, who happened to be his dad.

In 62 amateur fights, he won by a knockout 57 times. He turned professional at 17 and won nine out of 12 fights.

He once said, “When I boxed, I wanted to knock people out. Today, I want to wake people up with an exciting message about accepting Jesus as the Lord of their lives.”

Johnny always came to the meeting wearing a T-shirt with a message about Jesus and what He did on the Cross for all of us.

Johnny let it be known how much he loved his wife, Callie, and all of his family.

He was a self-employed diesel mechanic at Capitano Truck Repair in St. Rose.

Last Friday, he walked into the meeting with a smile and, as usual, a Jesus message T-shirt.

The meeting, moderated by Gary Hickman, was on Proverbs 2: 1-2, which was about wisdom and getting your priorities in order.

Johnny was never one to interrupt a meeting, but after four men had shared, he did interrupt and said, “If Jesus isn’t the focus and priority in your life, you will have problems.”

He continued by saying how these meetings help all of us to learn and, together, grow spiritually.

He then excused himself, saying he had an allergy, and went to the men’s room. After being gone for a while, someone checked on him and found Johnny on the floor.

We called 911 and the attendants tried desperately to revive him, but to no avail. Johnny was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Johnny Capitano shared Jesus until his last breath.

Later that day, I thought of Johnny’s departure from this life and how his Heavenly Father surely welcomed him with “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

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