Keller: Get out, help others with loneliness

Published 12:01 am Saturday, July 2, 2016

I heard a message by Evangelist Billy Graham 20 years ago about loneliness. He said (and I believe it) that loneliness is one of the greatest problems in America.

I believe that Christians have a responsibility to “reach out and touch someone” as the telephone commercial suggested years ago. The problem is most Christians are reclusive, even though they live in neighborhoods and are employed in busy workplaces.

It’s not the location, but our attitude.

We’ve built walls around ourselves to prevent people from getting too close. This is not God’s plan for us. He created us for Himself, but He also made us for each other.

As Christians, we have the greatest potential for developing authentic relationships, because we have the Holy Spirit, who is our Helper.

In the final instructions before the crucifixion, Jesus gave us a pattern for friendship, which is found in John 15: 12, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”

If we have a desire to reach out and develop a friendship, we must be willing to put aside our own selfish interest and responsibilities and become aware of the needs, desires, burdens and heartaches of others in our community.

To develop authentic relationships, we must first of all be real. We must be sincerely interested in what’s best for the other person without being critical and accept and love them as they are.

Genuine friendship is not always convenient and sometimes it requires the death of our pride. We have to be willing to admit when we are wrong and ask for forgiveness. Finally, to have a transparent relationship, both parties must be willing to share their heart and what’s best for each other.

When we are concerned about the problems of others and reach out as God directs us, we will become better Christians and be the light as God suggested. The bottom line is that giving is the secret to living and having a more joyful life.

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