McComack: Good neighbors shine through storm

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What does being a good neighbor mean to you?

Yes, this comes from the recent events that took place from the recent tornados. There’s so much one can say about events such as these. They are totally uncontrollable, almost unpredictable from the stories I’ve heard over the last week.

The Chamber’s Resource Center served as a hub for the St. John Parish Business Emergency Operations Department. Representatives from La. Workforce, SBDC and La. Federal Credit Union were on standby to offer any guidance and assistance needed by the residents.

DAV also was on site providing assistance to veterans that were affected. We hope use of the Chamber office sent a message that we are here and care, not only for businesses, but for people.

I may be repeating the accolades and thanks echoed throughout the week, but felt it necessary to say it again. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to every business, both big and small, to every person whether you live here or not, to our churches, our schools, the variety of nonprofits and civic organizations, the parish governments, especially those emergency personnel that stepped up and stepped out to lend a hand with this healing process.

Thank you for the many contributions you put forth to help out local neighbors and those that are strangers.

It was hard to keep up with all the press releases between St. James and St. John with announcements of how the various communities were banding together to help one another, but I wanted to make sure folks are aware of what is happening if they have not seen or heard it yet.

We never know what a simple smile, handshake or a hug can do for a person. We saw a lot of this at the office last week.

No matter who you are or where you work, continue to reach out. The rebuilding has just begun. We, as your Chamber, will continue to work with local parishes to assist in helping businesses affected get back on track.

Sincerest thanks to our Ambassadors that dedicated their time last week to make phone calls to the businesses in St. John Parish. Yes, we are your local Chamber and we represent three parishes, but we are all on the same side of the fence.

We are on the same team. We all want to improve and grow our region.

Continue to reach out to someone today, even if it’s just one. You’ll never know the impact it may have on them or you, until you try.

Chassity McComack is executive director of the River Region Chamber of Commerce. Email her at or log onto