Freeman: Act as education crisis impacts us all

Published 12:01 am Saturday, March 5, 2016

The elephant in the room is the budget talks happening in Baton Rouge.

Everyone in education is listening intently and wondering how this all ends.

How could we have gone about our lives for the past seven years and not know what was happening at the Capitol? It seems, if it doesn’t affect us personally, we might mention it in slight conversations or ignore it completely.

The thing about education is that it does affect us. It effects every single person in the great State of Louisiana in one way or another.

Some people don’t realize just how much it affects their day-to-day world.

People (especially young people) who are uneducated may have no direction in their lives and use the proverbial “I’m bored” ideology. Those are the people hurt most by all of this.

When people hurt, they lash out and just want others to hurt with them, or simply react by taking what they want and or need to the detriment of the rest of the community in which they live.

You might hear “It’s Education or Incarceration.” Think for just a moment what comes before the incarceration? Usually it is someone getting hurt: A stolen car, burglary, robbery or, even worse, a more violent crime.

There are a great many reasons why education is important. The one that should be first on everyone’s list is “It affects all of us.”

It is time to take a stand and stop the madness.

Get involved, stay involved, get informed and stay informed, not just for the next week but for the long haul. Until things are put back in order and then ensure they are kept in order.

South Central Technical College in Reserve isn’t just a building. It is filled with dedicated people who make a difference every day — faculty who teach and train our workforce for business and industry in the River Parishes and beyond.

There are staff members who assist students with financial aid and all the student services needs that are available. More importantly, it’s filled with students, students who have hope for a better future for themselves, their families and their community. These students are your sons, daughters, neighbors, friends, church members and customers.

We all make a difference in each other’s lives.

Yes, education affects everyone, and it is everyone’s responsibility to get involved to make sure that the education system emerges whole after all the turmoil is put to rest.

Don’t think this will be like the past seven years and as the clock strikes midnight all will be well. This time things may be very different and not necessarily in a good way.

Education is a serious business, and now is the time for all of us to get serious about education. It matters to you.

Penelope Freeman is Campus Dean for South Central Louisiana Technical College. She is at the Reserve Campus. Email her at