When are we good enough?

Published 11:08 pm Friday, October 9, 2015

Do you ever feel like your best just isn’t good enough? And what exactly IS good enough?

If I did something better today than I did it yesterday, is that good enough?

I think fears of not being “good enough” plague most people. It would be egotistical to think you are great at everything.

We all love Saints quarterback Drew Brees. (If you don’t, you can stop reading right now and go put your nose in a corner.) Drew — I’m pretending we’re on a first-name basis — is amazing. Hands down. Don’t argue. But is he perfect? Could he be better? If he could be better, does that mean he isn’t “good enough?”

Side bar — Drew gave us our first win of the season last week against the Cowboys. Who Dat!

My point is (yes, I have a point) there is always room for improvement in anything you do.

Every day, I aim to be a better writer than I was yesterday. I know I’m not perfect. I don’t aspire to be perfect. I aspire to be the best that I can be.

I regularly tell my children I want them to do their best. If their best is only scoring one goal in their soccer game or taking three weeks to learn to correctly play
“Mary had a Little Lamb” on the keyboard, that’s fine with me.

Most people want to better themselves and want their children to be even better than they are. But when is it good enough?

In my professional opinion (just kidding, I’m not a professional,) as long as you are trying to better yourself, you are “good enough.”

The East St. John cross country team members had their best times of the season Oct.3 at the St. Joseph’s Academy Cross Country Invitational Meet in Baton Rouge.

Although the runners brought their A game and did their best so far this year, so did the other competing teams.

ESJ cross country coach Paul Dupuy said, “We did our best, but the other teams did their best, too. So we were still in the middle of the pack.”

The East St. John boys’ team came in 25th out of 46 teams in the three-mile run. Out of 324 runners, only three ESJ runners placed in the top 200. Senior Runner Bryan Cain scored the most points for ESJ, placing 113th.

ESJ’s girls’ team didn’t place and only two girls placed in the top 200 (out of 248.) Junior Angelique Johnson came in 192nd for the highest scoring girl.

While East St. John’s scores weren’t very high and their placing just average, if they ran faster Saturday then they did Friday, I think it is good enough.

Good enough isn’t defined as being the fastest, the prettiest, the smartest, the funniest or the biggest.

Good enough is being the best you can be today.

Last year at the St. Joseph’s Academy Invitational, Bryan Cain ran the three-mile race in 18:16.62. This year he finished in 17:28.80. That’s almost a full minute of improvement.

Is the East St. John High School cross-country team good enough? Absolutely. It just keeps on getting better.

Are the Saints good enough? I’m not going to even touch this one. I’m envisioning several letters to the editor if I dare input my opinion on our beloved Saints.

By Courtney Griggs