Children open up fun in newspaper

Published 12:02 am Saturday, June 6, 2015

We at L’OBSERVATEUR are proud to unveil a new feature in today’s newspaper that will become a regular, weekly component of your newspaper product.

Titled “A to Z Kids News,” the special appears on page 8B in today’s issue and features a myriad of games, puzzles and fun activities for children to enjoy. Don’t be fooled, teenagers and adults can also take a break on the page to enjoy a moment of fun.

Although the page appears in today’s Saturday edition, the feature will assume its regular run day of Wednesday next week on June 10 and run weekly in each edition of the Wednesday L’OBSERVATEUR thereafter.

With the generous help of readers, partners and businesses, we are very proud to produce L’OBSERVATEUR twice each week, delivering the best source of local news to residents of St. John the Baptist Parish and the River Region.

However, sometimes in the rush to deliver the important, breaking news and heartfelt feature stories you deserve, we neglect to routinely produce something for our most treasured commodity: our community’s children.

Regular reading is an important skill children need to develop. It helps ease the grind of school education and promotes a thirst in pursuing current events learning.

We hope “A to Z Kids News” can be a springboard for children in our community to develop a love for the printed word while, perhaps, wetting their appetite to become more involved in the community around them.

This weekly effort would not be possible without the support of more than three-dozen local, business sponsors who are committed to bringing this product to area children. We thank them and encourage you to consider their businesses in your future.

As an added bonus, we will publish the pictures of local children enjoying “A to Z Kids News” if emailed to

So, please, share this with your children and grandchildren and help them see themselves in the newspaper.