Keller: Positive attitudes brighten rooms all over

Published 2:12 pm Friday, March 20, 2015

Have you ever noticed how a perfect stranger can walk into an establishment and lighten it up?

I have coffee a couple of times a week with a few men at the Shell Station on Belle Terre Boulevard. As we talk about a wide range of subjects, we notice the people that come in.

Some are looking for the restroom, while others are buying gas or snacks. Many have blank looks on their face, others make a feeble attempt to smile, and some look mad and seem like they just sucked a lemon.

Tuesday, as Sammy Duhon, Buddy Bailey and I were having coffee and enjoying each other’s company, a young, pleasant-looking police officer walked in. I had never met him before, but was attracted to his spirit.

Sammy and Buddy evidently knew him and immediately said “hello” as he approached our table and shook hands. His name tag read: J. Knox, Jr.

“What’s your first name?” I asked.


He was from Chattanooga, Tenn., and had been on the force for six months.

He is 34-years-old and completed the New Orleans Police Academy Program in 2010.

He was as personable a young man as I have ever met. It was easy to see that he enjoyed his job as a public servant and, because of his positive attitude, enjoyed life.

I complimented him on his “people skills” and his interest in people. He shared that he was the second of eight children of Joseph Sr. and Daphine, who still live in Tennessee.

He credits his mom for his upbringing as he smiled and said, “She did a number on me!”

“What does that mean?”

“She read the Bible and was serious about the scripture that read: ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child.’  Believe me, I wasn’t spoiled!”

Meeting Officer Knox was a pleasure! He is one person that can change the spirit of any group just be showing up.

I pray he never changes.

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