Hearts in Touch

Published 5:06 pm Thursday, October 5, 2023

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My eight-year-old granddaughter Charlie is on a mission to read as many books as possible. As part of the Accelerated Reader program at school, she reads a book, then takes a quiz about the book to earn points. Her efforts have earned her top scores at her school.

When she told me about the program, I said, “Charlie, you must love to read.”

“Oh, no,” Charlie said. “I don’t love to read. I love to win.”

I laughed, but the more I thought about it, the more I understood. I, too, have things I don’t exactly love to do, but discipline in those areas yields results I enjoy.

I don’t love to exercise and often want to quit, but I love the increased strength and endurance exercise produces.

Skipping dessert is not fun for me; however, I feel better when my body is fueled with a balanced diet.

I’d like to stay up later than I do, but if I did, I’d miss the silence of the early mornings I spend in prayer and reflection.

And as long as I’m being transparent, I don’t like to mop, but what’s worse than mopping is having my shoes stick to the floor.

Every single one of us is different, and your preferences may be totally opposite to mine, but daily choices remain. Don’t sacrifice what you want most for what you want in the moment.

Solomon wrote in Proverbs 13:4, “Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper.”

As you apply yourself to diligence, may you prosper in every area.

Ronny can be reached at rmichel@rtconline.com.