Turning the page

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This is my final column in what has been a series of political, personal and memorial statements of this young American working through the events of our times. You have been my motivation and inspiration to write better, think more thoughtfully and empathize with the opinions of all people. This column began 2 1/2 years ago as a simple weekly statement on a random political topic ranging from wars in the Middle East to local reform efforts. Over time, it has become a deeply personal statement on events that happen around us. It has been a form of therapy for me, and you have been my therapist. Together, we have worked through many tough issues facing our community, nation and world.

“We, the living, are the hopes and dreams of those who came before us.” I have repeated this phrase many times in this column because it speaks to the desire of humans to be bigger than ourselves and to work toward an ideal we hope is from a time long forgotten or a distant place. If we think of ourselves as the hopes and dreams of our ancestors, then we are compelled to live up to an idealized version of that dream, and as a result our lives will be much improved.

Tomorrow, I begin a new and exciting chapter of my life as I embark on another career in the administration of government. I have always believed that government is a powerful force because a fully functioning, well-run government can greatly improve the lives of those living under its control; but, chaotic leadership and dysfunctional government will have devastating effects for years to come. I hope that my time in government has been and will continue to be a positive force that improves the lives of those around me by setting the table to provide opportunity for job and wealth creation and an abundant quality of life.

I have grown during the last 2 1/2 years, and I look forward to the next chapter. However, I never like to close a chapter, conversation or relationship with a “goodbye” but prefer “until next time” as a hopeful statement of anticipating a future encounter. Please know that I will sincerely miss our weekly conversations and the constant feedback I get from you when I run into you in the streets. It has been fulfilling to hear that my words were appreciated and my comments were thought provoking. Please say hello if you see me in the region, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of my opinions and comments.

I leave you with a final hope that with all things in life you will appreciate the beautiful in everything and always crave knowledge because it is these two things – beauty and knowledge – that are the roots of living. Everything else is simply noise.


The last bite…

I always live life to the fullest, pun intended, and this has consistently guided me in the direction of good food, great friends and fond memories. It is my sincere wish that each of you enjoy life to the very last bite. I give meals worthy of writing home (or a column) about 5 out of 5 crumbs!


Until next time,

Buddy Boe

Buddy Boe will be the Chief Administrative Officer of St. Charles Parish and owns Invictus Solutions, a public relations and program management company.