Both candidates have school system history

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In the election for the District 8 seat on the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board, Russ Wise and Beverly Harris are facing each other in what is sure to be an interesting election because both are great people and have personalities that will make the decision for the voters extremely difficult. In fact, both have long histories with the St. John school system: Russ Wise has served 12 years on the School Board, and Beverly Harris was an educator for the St. John school system for 43 years.

But what issue will the voters decide on? Will the anti-incumbency wave sweeping the nation take hold? If so, which candidate does the voters see as the incumbent: Russ Wise, who has been on the school board for 12 years, or Beverly Harris, who worked for the St. John school system for 43 years? Each one claims the “independent thinker” title for different reasons, yet it will be the voters who get to decide who is “new” enough for their taste buds.

In the recent months we have heard a lot about budget problems at the school system. As the only person in the race who has voted for the budget, Wise is connected to this issue. And for years we have heard about low test scores and failing schools, so as the “only educator in the race” Harris is connected to this one. With each candidate having a direct connection to one of the top two issues facing the St. John school system, this election will come down to who can reach out to the most voters and motivate their supporters to actually go vote.

The choice for the voters is not experience or likeability, but rather which candidate is the “incumbent.” The challenge for the candidates is the same as every election…offer up new ideas and get out your vote.

GEAUX VOTE! Early voting is already under way for United States Senate, Congress, Lieutenant Governor (who could be the next governor), and school board. Influence your country…VOTE.

The last bite…

If you missed the Andouille Festival this past weekend, not only did you miss great music and awesome weather, but you also missed amazing food. I tried to eat a little bit of everything, but I do have to say that my favorite was at the second annual Andouille Brunch. The pecan crumble bread pudding layered with a cinnamon sauce was worth every bite. The rest of the meal was normal brunch food, but on the pecan dish, LACE (the caterer) outdid themselves and the Sinatra-style music by “The Yat Pack” entertained the audience for hours. I give it 4 Crumbs! (out of 5)

  Buddy Boe, a resident of LaPlace, is a former parish administrator and is well known on the local political (and food) scenes. This new column will appear in this spot on Wednedsays in L’Observateur.