Don’t let distractions keep you from your final destination

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I’ve heard it said many times that this life is only a brief assignment. I, like most people, concentrate more on the uncomfortable times in the journey and not enough focus on our final destination.

My daughter, Ronny, who is putting the finishing touches on her book titled Hearts in Touch, addresses this same issue in the devotional. I thought you might enjoy it.

Hearts in Touch

By Ronny Michel

I have neither the opportunity, nor the desire, to travel without my husband. That’s a good thing, for rarely have I done so without being confused, getting lost, or almost missing a plane.

The ‘missing a plane’ example was played out in a tiny airport in Toledo, Ohio. Three of my daughters and

I were going home after spending

a weekend visiting family. My

husband was staying in Ohio for business, and we had to return home for school. He drove us to the airport, got

our tickets and walked us up to the security checkpoint. I was feeling quite confident in this small terminal.

Heading toward our gate, I spied, or rather smelled, the pizza stand. Grossly miscalculating our time of departure, I proceeded to lead my daughters to a spot where we could set our luggage, sit down, and decide upon the type of pizza that we, or rather I wanted.

Right when it was my turn to place the order, I heard it. The final call for our flight. Apparently I

had been too preoccupied to hear the initial boarding announcements, but thankfully I heard the last

call. Suddenly the pizza was not important. I raced out of line, gathered up the girls, and took off for our gate.

What’s the lesson that I learned?

I shouldn’t get too comfortable in an airport. That’s not my destination. It’s just a brief stop along the way. I should always be alert to the announcements, and regardless of the distractions, I should position myself by the right gate.

Life’s not much different. Although I know that this life is just a layover before eternity, I sometimes allow distractions to cause

me to lose focus. I shouldn’t get too comfortable here, for this is not my final destination. My focus, my decisions, and the steps I take should all lead toward the narrow gate that Jesus refers to in Matthew 7:13. Only that gate leads to eternal life.

Maybe it’s good that life is not always easy. Maybe that’s a reminder that this is not the final place. I pray that we all listen carefully for the voice of our Master, and daily follow His directions.

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