It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in unimportant matters

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I had a frustrating day last Saturday. The morning started out knowing two of my grandsons would be playing basketball at 2 o’clock that afternoon. I love basketball, especially when I can enjoy seeing my grandsons participate.

I had coffee with a couple of my friends, as we do every Saturday morning. Before I knew it, game time had arrived.

I’ve often said that politics and athletics bring out the worst in people. Well, Saturday during the game I lost it and hollered something that I would like to think was out of character. My grandson’s team lost and I lost my temper.

After the game, the players were all right, but I was disappointed with myself. I tried to justify my behavior. Nothing worked! I was tormented all afternoon.

I then had to go to Mandeville to speak at a drug treatment center. The weather was awful. It rained all the way. I was mad at myself and prayed for God to give me the spirit to witness to those whom I consider some of His favorite people — recovering drug addicts.

Only by the grace of God was I able to give my testimony and it went well. In the group was a young man with tattoos all over his body who will be leaving this week. His eyebrows were tattooed blue, which made it hard to look at him. He even had the inside of his lip tattooed. He told me that he was a tattoo artist.

When I met him four weeks ago, I hugged him and told him I loved him. I then asked if he would mind if I told him something. He didn’t, so I told him, “You don’t only have a drug problem, you’re stupid!” He just laughed.

For the next three weeks, he waited to see me. We really hit if off good.

Saturday, being his last night at the center, he told me how much I meant to him and escorted me to the door. He then asked if I remembered what I told him the first time we met. I didn’t, so he reminded me that I called him stupid. He smiled and said, “You know, today I realize that I’m not stupid, because stupid people won’t learn anything from people who love them, and I learned a lot from you.”

On my way home, God spoke to me, loud and clear, saying that my purpose in life is not to get wrapped up in a basketball game, but to do what I did tonight — share the love, joy, and peace of the Holy Spirit.

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