A simple question answered truthfully

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 23, 2008

By Harold Keller

The information for this article started over two years ago. Jeanne and I were casually talking one night when I asked her a question.  Before the question, I told her that I wanted her to be honest. I then asked, “Do you really like me?” She just laughed, but never did answer. I certainly can understand her evasiveness to the question, because even though she has loved me unconditionally all these years, I’ve been hard to like. 

I’ll never forget while crossing the Causeway years ago, she said, “You’ll never know how much I’ve always loved you.” That statement convicted me, because at that moment, I realized that women know how to love, but most men have a hard time returning that love. 

Another time, many years ago, I remember Jeanne, in a serious discussion, telling me that she wishes she could be my best friend. That also got my attention, because I realized that I spent more time developing relationships with other people and neglected her. 

Four years ago, I was operated on for colon cancer and was hospitalized for four days.  Jeanne stayed with me day and night and slept on a hard cot. Upon arriving home after my discharge, she said, “It’s been a good four days.”  I thought, “A good four days! How could she say that and really mean it?”  I then realized that she enjoyed being there to serve me and have all of my attention for a change. 

Since then, I’ve made an effort to be a godly husband and happy to report that I’ve made a little progress, but have such a long way to go.

This past Sunday, I realized that my efforts have not been in vain as I celebrated my 74th birthday. Jeanne gave me a card that read:  It’s a beautiful world, especially with you in it.  Happy Birthday!  Signed:  With all my love, Jeanne. 

She added these words: I really love you a lot, I appreciate you, and would you believe it, I even like you! I’m sincerely thankful that we’re growing old together.

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