Laughter and repentance are the best medicines

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not everyone would look forward to a 6:00 a.m. meeting on a Monday morning in Gonzales, but I do. There is a weekly men’s Bible study group that meets at Sno’s Restaurant and I make an effort to go at least once or twice a month. All of the meetings are good and it seems like God speaks to me through the men. As we were getting ready to close the meeting this past Monday, Keith Rush wanted to share something. Very seriously, he began by saying that he doesn’t dream very much, but two weeks ago, he dreamed that he had died.

“When I met St. Peter,” Keith began, “he told me that I had one more thing to complete before I entered Heaven. He showed me a ladder and gave me a piece of chalk. I was told to climb the ladder. Each rung I grabbed would be a sin that I had not yet asked God’s forgiveness for. The chalk was to keep track of the sins and mark each one off. When the mission was complete, I would be able to enter Heaven.”

Keith captured the attention of all of the men at the Bible study. We quietly listened as he continued to describe the dream. “I was almost at the top of the ladder and I held out my hand to reach for the next rung. Suddenly, I was holding on to someone’s heel. It was Harold going down the ladder to get some more chalk.”

If laughter is the best medicine, the Monday group overdosed. As soon as I got home, I shared Keith’s story with Jeanne and she, too, enjoyed it. I think that she may have enjoyed it even more than I did.

I then called Keith and said, “I think that God confirmed your dream as I drove up to my home. Some children were recently drawing on the sidewalk, and guess what? I found a piece of chalk by my front door.” We both had a good laugh.

Even though this was just a humorous story, it did make me stop and take a personal inventory to be sure that I have repented from all of my sins.

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