Local vets have their cake and eat it, too

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 11, 2008

By Kevin Chiri

Met a great group of folks at the Southeast Louisiana War Veteran’s Home this past week when I stopped by for a story I was doing there.

The Southeast Louisiana Chapter of the American Ex-POWs was there to entertain the resident veterans, holding bingo for them to play, as well as providing a huge amount of sweets to snack on.

If I hadn’t been in such a hurry I probably would have stayed. No, not for the game, but just to get some of that cake.

I talked to Adjutant Audrey Rodemann, who has been with the group for many years. She made sure to tell me that she didn’t understand why the military insists on having confusing titles such as “Adjutant,” which she explained was nothing more than a secretary.

Audrey was a delight to chat with, and told me about her husband who had been a POW for 18 months, kept in Moosberg, Germany. He was taken to Stalag 7B after serving in Italy, but finally was allowed to return to the good old United States. He finally died four years ago.

Still, Audrey hasn’t let that deter her enthusiasm to help other veterans, as she has remained active with the Ex-POWs group, which has had to regroup after Katrina wiped out a lot of their members, she said.

Veronica Aucoin of Luling is a chairwoman for the group and is involved with the Ladies Auxiliary in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, while the organization is headed by Commander Martin Richard from Metairie.

The group makes rounds to various different veterans’ retirement homes throughout South Louisiana and obviously was doing an outstanding job trying to bring a little joy to the vets who now called the Reserve facility their home.

Good job folks.

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