In an imperfect world, decisions can be tricky

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 3, 2008

by Harold Keller

With the presidential campaign in full swing, the two main candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama, are talking issues.  Everybody knows the problems – high gas prices, rising food prices, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, the housing market, global warming, etc. 

The question is: Which candidate has the solution to all the problems? The answer is: Neither. The people will have to decide which of the two can be trusted with the most powerful position in the world.  They both claim to be Christians, but my discernment and their rhetoric seem to prove otherwise.

I really enjoy the political process and keep abreast of the daily news.  I also like to discuss issues and candidates with different people.

A few weeks ago, while having breakfast with a black professional man who also enjoys politics, the issue of the presidential race was discussed. We had already settled the issue of who our choice was. He was voting for Obama and I was voting for McCain.

After a lengthy discussion, each trying to convince the other who the best choice was, but to no avail, I asked, “Aren’t you a deacon in your church?” He acknowledged that he was.  I then said, “We read the same Bible. How, in good conscience, can you vote for a man who believes in abortions, including partial birth abortions, and same-sex marriages when it’s contrary to God’s Word?” I continued, “I certainly have a problem with McCain on some solutions he has for the economy, but never doubt his patriotism or position to protect the unborn and his conviction that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.”

We parted ways after the breakfast, neither convincing the other, but I enjoyed the upbeat discussion. In fact, I made out pretty good. He picked up the check and left the tip!

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